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My heart has been heavy all day. @TaliaJoy18 left us this morning at 11:22am. A true angel on Earth & now one in heaven. Despite her 6 year battle w cancer, Talia at such a young age, taught us the true value of life even if we knew the day of our death was near. It’s not about how many days you live, it’s how you live them… w strength, smiles, laughs, love, fun, & everything in between, no matter what. If you didn’t know who she was, google her, watch just one of her videos. She will inspire you. Her words.. #JustKeepSwimming will resonate forever in my heart & mind. You are & always will be an inspiration Talia, to live life exactly the way it should be lived. We will miss u Angel, but will never forget you #RIPTalia 👼❤🙏 #weloveyou #cancersucks #liveforchange #livetoinspire

#taliajoy #taliacastellano #taliajoycastellano #beautiful #angel #cancer #awareness #cancerawareness #childcancer
#childcancerawareness #inspiration #love #beauty

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